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Lets Talk Hair
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Lets Talk Hair

Blow dry

Short hair – $55
Medium hair – $65
Long hair – $75
Blow dry with curls – *from $75
Blow dry with extensions – *from $75


Hair cut

Women’s total reshape – $150
Women’s cut & finish – $100
Men’s cut & finish – $50
Buzz cut – $30
Kids cut & finish – $25

Hair styling

Hair up – *from $75
Tonging without blow dry – $70
GHD curls without blow dry – $50
L’Oreal treatment with hot towel – $30

Hair colour

Balayage – *from $300
Full head foils – $250
Half head foils – $220
Regrowth high lift tint – $200
Semi or Permanent colour – $150
Colour review toner – $50

Bridal hair

Hair trial – *from $100
(Quote on consultation)
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Package deals

Gift vouchers – *from $50
Package of 5 blow dry’s – $300
Package of 10 blow dry’s – $500

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, you should get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks, but depending on your hair type and lifestyle, it can be less or more than this. For low maintenance, untreated hair this can be stretched out to 12 weeks. For hair that is chemically treated or you are wanting to maintain it’s health, shine and shape, ideally 6-8 weeks is a good place to start.
No. Ideally the night before your big day is recommended as this allows time for the moisture in your hair to balance. Having freshly washed hair leaves the hair feeling soft and limp prior to an updo, creating more product usage on the day. Using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to get all the parabens, dirt, and grime out of your hair, we also suggest two shampoos and conditioner on mid-length to ends for optimal results.
Yes. For weddings, events and functions I offer this service to come to you. Travel fee is based on your location and starting time. If an overnight stay is required, accommodation is to be fully funded and booked in advance.
Absolutely. I recommend within a 3 month period prior to your wedding date. Not only is a hair trial beneficial for the bride, but for the hairstylist too. This allows us to access your hair, provide you with recommendations leading up to your day and overall, to get a better understanding of your desires, wants and needs for your special day, and most importantly, for us to meet prior to your wedding day. Allow 1.5 hours for this appointment.
A heat protectant adds moisture to your hair and forms a protective barrier. It reduces moisture loss caused by heat applied to your hair shafts by styling tools. This is crucial for the prevention of hair breakage. You might want to mix in a leave-in conditioner for very dry to damaged hair.
This is one of the most flattering comments that I receive on a regular basis. As much as I would like to say yes to this question, I simply cannot live in your bathroom.